Life lesson: Unemployment 

Life isn’t all roses and rainbows. Oh how I have learnt that lesson lately.

I lost my job three months ago.

Three whole months.

12 weeks yesterday.

I thought worse case scenario I would be unemployed for one month which would be ok. I could survive on the little money I had, have a tiny break and get back into be workforce rearing to go.

Oh how I was wrong.

I thought I could continue working in the same field as I had 18 months marketing experience including web content management and events (and you all know I love writing and websites aka blogging).

Oh how I was wrong.

I thought, I am smart, intelligent, sociable. I have two degrees. Who wouldn’t want me working for them?

I was definitely wrong about that one.

In the past 30 days alone, I have applied for forty-fucking-two jobs and attended two interviews. I have applied for 100+ jobs in total.

It’s very hard not to take the job seeking process personally. I was wrong. They don’t want me. Even with my education no one wants me. I could continue describing that thinking but I will go down a rabbit hole. Another time. 

But you really have to put a guard up and treat job seeking like a full time job in itself. Psst I am not doing too well with this as just looking at my bank accounts puts me in a meltdown. I can’t even afford vino and chocolate to make me feel better.

Originally I went with the ‘apply for anything’ approach and now I am being more strategic, putting a lot of effort into less applications. Every cover letter and resume tailored to my potential employer.

If I think of it as a numbers game, someone has to employ me eventually. Otherwise I’ll just write a famous series like Harry Potter. Some of the best entrepeneurs ‘hit gold’ when they were at their most poorest and unfortunate.

On the brightside, I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I have learnt many lessons which I will share with you in the coming weeks.

Until then,

With my fingers crossed,



3 thoughts on “Life lesson: Unemployment 

  1. Good luck with your job applications! You are right, it is such a numbers game. You will get something eventually 🙂 hopefully your new job is just around the corner!!

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