I have finally joined the real world

I have finally joined the real world of choices and chaos. The life you live where you have work and family responsibilities before even thinking about diet and exercise.

Two months ago I was a bikini competitor. I basically had no choices. Everything was routine and planned out. I had my exercise program, my nutrition guidelines and that was it. My only responsibilities were training hard and eating well (and looking after my puppy and cooking dinner hah). A lot of sacrifices were made – socially, with friends, with Nathan.

But now I’m back in the real word where you live…I have choices. I can choose how much exercise I do, how much food I eat and how much wine I drink.

This is where it can be tricky. Striking the right balance. How much of one thing is too much or not enough?

Well there are a few things that you and I need to consider when thinking about the balance of everything that suits us. How much time do you have outside of work? How much time can you realistically spend exercising? How important is weight loss and/or fitness to you?

For me, fitness and health is very important. You could see that one a mile away couldn’t you? Ideally, I want to train 4x per week lifting weights in the gym. If I train more or do some outdoor activity then great. I also want to eat healthily but enjoy wine and dessert and pizza and all the good foods on the weekend. I am not calorie or macro counting at the moment and I would love to keep it that way. From experience I can consume 1800 calories per week with 4x exercise days and maintain my weight (but like I said, I am not counting).

Enjoying normal life

I have had the last week off of the gym. I am not quite sure how that happened but it did. One day off turned into another which turned into another. Illness. Lazyness.  A bit of both. It’s times like this that you need to get back into routine as if you’d never left off.

So I will be back at the gym at 7pm tonight with Nathan. I will also be meal planning a fortnights worth of meals – which is good for my sanity and for my budget.

It’s nice to be back in the normal gym world again ladies.



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